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For people who know what they want and
appreciate high quality and authenticity.

GOOSEBERRY LAY & CO. is a men’s clothing brand, created by Marcus Brodendal, a Gothenburg native of the Swedish west coast. The concept operates currently at three main locations: Gothenburg City Office and Askhult Studio – work shop – warehouse on the Swedish west coast and Busan City Office in South Korea.

The Askhult warehouse is filled to the brim with old and new stock of clothing. Over 10 000 original pieces can be found at the picturesque countryside location. In 2009 we started to collaborate with different local distributors and stores around Sweden and provided flannel shirts and coarse work shirts. In 2011 GBL&CO. was a full grown brand, offering a wide range of clothes in every collection.

This has continued up to date and we deliver two collections per year, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

Based on historical work wear, sportswear and functional wear. We collect historically accurate details and take the best from different pieces and eras to remake new originals which are historically plausible, but adapted to the 21st century.

The name GOOSEBERRY LAY was slang of the underworld describing the petty crime of stealing clothes off clotheslines. To be on the ‘GOOSEBERRY LAY’ wouldn’t give you much respect amongst the big time criminals in the hierarchy of olden gangster society.

Therefore the phrase came to be used more as an insult, rather than describing the actual crime. ‘-How long have you been off the gooseberry-lay, son? He asked pleasantly.’ The legendary quote from Dashiell Hammett’s Noir masterpiece, The Maltese Falcon.”